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The project City Breaks is an exchange between two European centres, Helsinki and London. The project may be considered in terms of practice-based research that takes the forms of individual and collaborative investigations, which all interlink in complex ways in the joint discussions of the ideas and possibilities as well as in the practical production of the works and the exhibitions. It unfolds as a layered process of encounters between the participating artists, the two cities and their inhabitants as well as the various arts organisations and practitioners involved in the project.

Questions guiding the project concentrate on the personal and shared experiences of urban dwelling: the complexity of everyday encounters and their affects, the codes and habits that guide our inhabitation of urban environments and relations to others within them, the exchanges that take place as we take a break from one and move to another. The aim to focus on the patterns and possibilities, limits and strategies, that direct our engagements with/in the cities, is reflected in the operations and forms of City Breaks that lay emphasis on the process of dialogue throughout the project.

Phase 1 – residencies:
• Whitechapel Project Space, London (Oct 04)
o Break I: Launch (26. Oct 04)
• HIAP Residency Studios, Helsinki (Dec 04)
o Break II: Launch (12. Dec 04)

Phase 2 – exhibitions:
• Muu Gallery ( Artists’ Association Muu), Helsinki (15. Jan – 6. Feb 05)
o Private View (14. Jan 05)
o Break III: All-day Brunch (16. Jan 05)
• Whitechapel Project Space, London (3. Mar – 3. Apr 05)
o Private View (2. Mar 05)
o Break IV: All-day Brunch (tbc)

• UK: Christopher Barr, Irit Garty & Isaac Layish, Abigail Reynolds
• Finland: Simo Brotherus, Anu Pennanen, Minna Suoniemi
• Curator: Taru Elfving

For further information please contact the curator Taru Elfving