20.01.07 - 28.01.07

Preview Tuesday 16th January 6-8pm followed by;
Live @ The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd

HAMBORGHINNI (Members of Seripop and AIDSwolf)
CADDYSHACK II (Members of Park Attack)

Doors at 8pm, entry £3

Artist duo Seripop (based in Montreal, Canada) and Rob Churm (based in Glasgow) share both an involvement in underground music scenes of harsh noise rock and punkish improv, and the production of drawings and screenprinted posters infected by a rich history of graphic imagery, poster art, graffitismo, and the wild subconscious.

Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau formed Seripop, a screenprinting shop in Montreal in 2000. Initially mass producing posters, prints and t-shirts for their band AIDS Wolf and now for hundreds of other bands on the American music scene, the posters display a scatological, psychedelic intensity that sits within the warped lineage of Sture Johannesson, Saul Steinberg and Peter Saul. Their abstraction and mutation of classic design styles pulls in the language of underground comics, amateur street graffiti, and the brooding harshness of noise itself to create images that speak of obsession and the warping and patterning of contemporary underground culture.

Similarly Rob Churm's drawings and posters often relate to and publicise his own band Park Attack and other bands traveling through Glasgow, yet they also operate with an internal logic of repetition and obsession. Fusing intense geometries reminiscent of schoolbook doodles, and a figuration of mauled cartoon characters, Churm's drawings fluctuate between garish complexity, and the simplicity of his typographic meanderings.

The opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 16th January, will be followed by a unique opportunity to see Hamborghinni (Lum and Desranleau) and Park Attack (Churm) side project Caddyshack II play live at The Rhythm Factory on Whitechapel Road. This after party will also feature some of the most exciting and visually visceral members of the punk/noise scene in the UK: PRE, Die Munch Machine (members of Part Chimp), Germlin (Joe from Gay Against You), Scrotum Volcano (members of Yeborobo/Snotty Cock/Shimmy Rivers And And Canal/Sleeping States) who will play on a night that seriously cannot be missed.

Seripop/Rob Churm is a collaborative project between Sophie Brown and Whitechapel Project Space.

Rob Churm is represented by Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow.