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ARIANE MICHEL Rêve de Cheval (Horse Dream) (2004)       11 minutes

Here they are, sleeping. From one leg onto the other, strong and quiet, hidden in the winter. From far away, a rumour comes up. Ears straighten-up: all of them have heard. In their secret language, they all come to an agreement: they are scared and have to run away. A weird animal will appear in their panic, hybrid, worrisome like an enigma.

TOM ACKERS Adult Education (2006)           16 minutes

A series of scenarios present Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a site for different levels of performing. Actors devise a range of roleplaying characters, and in various presentations of themselves arouse confusions of perception, self-knowledge and self-alteration around their use or avoidance of cliché.

RASTKO NOVAKOVIC      Sundays in Majdanpek: Tri u dva ne ide (2006)      
Sundays in Majdanpek: Twice Shy (2007)           32 minutes total

Five shots of the town's disused cinema present a fleeting document of the social space and history of Majdanpek, a devastated mining town in Eastern Serbia. The cyclical gesture of entering the cinema, the expectations in starting afresh, tracing the same route, but each time with different images and sounds, creates an accumulative intermingling of textual and visual historical records. They present simultaneously two contradictory conceptions of history: history as a narrative and history as that which is recorded in a particular medium.

A single uninterrupted shot of Majdanpek's open mine in 4:3 aspect ratio is tilted so that its diagonal fits the 16:9 format - stretching the tension between home video and cinema, the public and private, the lived and the represented, off-screen space and the proscenium. The contradiction between place and sound, and the structurally warped projection of this industrial landscape, elicits an archaeological texture that shifts between dialectical materialism and spiritual meditation.

- Ariane Michel was born in Paris in 1973, and studied at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Solo shows include Atelier du Jeu de Paume, Paris 2006, and Galerie Où, Marseille, 2005. Her feature length film ' Man On Land ' won the Grand Prize French Competition, FID Marseilles , and will be on general release in France during 2007. Upcoming screenings include at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007, and Festival of Nonfiction Film, MOMA, New York. She lives in Paris

- Tom Ackers was born in Hong Kong in 1978, and studied at The Slade School of Fine Art London, and Hunter College, New York. Previous shows include Atelier Something, London, 2001 and Garba04, Montescaglioso, Italy, 2004. He lives in London.

- Rastko Novakovic was born in Belgrade in 1981, and studied at the University of Westminster. He is a founding member of Lab and Free Cinema Seven . He lives in London.

 Ariane Michel is represented by Jousse-Entreprise Gallery, Paris, France